Do You Have A Broken Sewer Line? Top 4 Surefire Signs


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The sewer line you’ve running in your home is concealed deep underground, through many layers of dirt and grass. And this fact makes it difficult to spot a problem with a damaged sewer line without excavating expansive parts of your lawn. Majority of the homeowners obviously don’t want to deal with such an issue. Moreover, digging up a sewer line is a costly affair. If there is nothing wrong, that is wasted money. Before hiring a plumbing service in Nassau County, let’s have a look at some of the surefire indications of a damaged sewer line.

Easily blocked drains: Sometimes, your bathroom drains or kitchen sink may choke. In these circumstances, a clog is a simple fix. One can even purchase safe drain cleaner from the local hardware store. However, if a clog happens at an unfamiliar frequency, that is a surefire sign of something wrong with the sewer line. Check immediately with a plumbing service in Nassau County who can send the certified Plumbers right to the spot for inspection.


Strange Odors: Of course, we are talking about the sewer line. Strange odors are a certain way to tell if there is something wrong. Though you can’t often see an issue, you could smell it if there is anything wrong. The odor of sewer gas is quite strong to invade an entire home. It is also a surefire indication of a blocked sewer line. If the smell is worse on the lawn, sewer line damage is more likely. Better to take a quick action by dialing the numbers of plumbing service in Nassau and leave them the rest.

Soggy spots: A leaking or broken sewer line is often prompted by a tree root or a collapse. If the pipe is leaking, you can easily see damp spots in your lawn. In warm climates, these damp spots can be noticed rather easily. On occasion, just walk through your yard & observe the grass if you are concerned about your sewer line.

Mold issue: Besides sewer odor, mold expansion may also be an indication of a broken sewer line behind your walls. There’s mold that just requires the humidity extent to be higher than 50 percent to start growing. State that, a broken sewer pipe behind a wall can prompt the humidity level to escalate to a point favorable for a mold issue to start. If you observe mold expansion in your house followed by sewer smell then you possibly have a break in your sewage pipes.

You really don’t how big or how small the plumbing issue is but it is always good to call a Plumbing contractor to take a plumbing health check at your home or society or commercial place to solve the plumbing issue permanently.

To avoid any serious plumbing issue because of your broken sewer pipe feel free to call the professional plumbers in Nassau County at Allied/ All-City Inc the trusted professional plumbing contractors for residential, commercial & industrial plumbing solutions. We are at your help 24×7. contact us on 516-785-2700.


Plumbers in Nassau County NY – How Do You Handle Plumbing Emergencies at home?


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Plumbing emergencies do happen in our day to day life.  The worst part about a plumbing emergency is that you don’t have any idea about what you are going to rear its ugly side.  Sometimes, you should learn from the warning signs. But before you’re aware of it, you would be standing in water not knowing what to do. When you face a plumbing emergency in Nassau County NY, you must call upon a Plumber in Nassau. Plumbing issues at home can be a short one but it is not limited to the society, municipality, institutions or commercial basements; Professional plumbing contractors &Plumbers in Nassau County NY can give you the right recommendations and plumbing services  to help you resolve all plumbing issues.

What Will You Do During Plumbing Emergency –

First of all, you should run to the water shut off valve and close it. It will stop the water flow and prevent any further damage to your home. But make sure you know the location of water shut-off valve before the arrival of plumbing emergencies.


You should enter your home and turn on all the faucets to drain remaining water inside the plumbing pipes. It will help you divert excessive water in the pipes – where exactly a possible plumbing leak could be.

Just pick up your phone and contact a plumber in Nassau County NY. Always hire one of the professional plumbers in Nassau County NY that can respond to emergency plumbing needs within a few hours.

Plumbing emergencies can leave a hefty amount of water in your home – where it shouldn’t be. To reduce water damage and mold growth, you just pick a mop and towers for cleaning up the mess while waiting for a plumber in Nassau County NY.

Understanding Common Plumbing Emergencies –

Clogged Drain –

Shower drains, sink drains and toilets can become clogged instantly. So, you should keep a drain plunger without the flange and toilet plunger with the flange handy so that you can be able to break up loose blockages.

For more dense clogs, you can keep a drain snake or hand auger on deck – if you’ve idea on what you’re doing. Otherwise, let a professional plumbing company in Nassau County NY handle plumbing related emergencies with extreme care and attention to detail.


Burst Pipes –

When it comes to plumbing emergencies, all you need to do is to stop water flowing out. First, locate the main shut-off valve to your house and close it. Turning off the valve will close the water supply to the fixtures and stop the flood.

Then, turn on the cold water pipe nearest the tap in order to drain pipes quickly from trapped water steam. After water damage, to control the plumbing emergency you should contact professional plumbers in Nassau NY to repair or replace the burst section of the pipe.

Frozen Pipes –

When water in the pipes starts freezing, they expand and may even burst the pipe. You should close the main shut-off valve. If again the pipe has not split, then just thaw it with hot water bottles from the pipe nearest to the water tap.

Thawing should be gentle and never done with a naked flame in order to avoid thermal water expansion – which can even lead to split the pipe. As the preventive maintenance, you need to ensure that your pipes are perfectly insulated during the coldest months. Get a professional Nassau plumber to inspect these before winter;

Conclusion –

Plumbing emergencies can occur suddenly. So rather than scrambling when emergency situation arrives, you should prepare yourself. When a plumbing emergency occurs at your home and you’re in need of emergency plumbing service, be sure to contact plumber in Nassau County at Allied/All City Inc. the most experienced Plumbing Contractor who can take up all major plumbing issues at your office or resident colonies; For immediate help, please call 516-785-2700 in Nassau County NY as soon as possible.

4 Questions to Ask Plumbers in Huntington NY


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Until you face an emergency, you don’t think about how to handle it.  Same happens with your plumbing also. The moment you find bursting pipes or any problem in water supply, you immediately rush for a plumber in Huntington NY. You might be not sure whether they can manage plumbing related problems properly. Hence, it’s better to ask a few questions to your plumbers in Huntington NY and choose the one perfect for your emergencies:

  1. What’s Your Rating?

When it comes to choosing a plumbing company, it’s necessary to know the rating of a company whom you are going to relying on for your plumbing needs. Usually, ratings are available by googling the company name. Hence, you need to be sure that you are choosing plumbers in Huntington NY of high rating for the plumbing service contracts of your property or business premises.

  1. Are you a Licensed Plumber?

While dealing with plumbing emergencies, the most experienced and qualified the plumbers are, the quicker they will be knocking and fixing the issue. Now you should ensure that the emergency plumbers you are going to handover your plumbing task are certified. If they are not competent enough, then what’s need of hiring them for the major plumbing job and long term supervision of the plumbing needs of your commercial establishments!


  1. Are Plumber team is well Equipped?

It’s wise to know whether the plumbing company provides plumbers well-equipped with the necessary tools. However, the emergency plumbing professionals must have necessary tools to diagnose your problems immediately. Varying with the type of problems, a plumber must have different kind of tools to deal with them. All you need to do is to make sure that they have enough tools to resolve your problems.

  1. Are Plumber team Available 24/7?

Ask them whether they will take your call whenever you need. This means, you should know whether they provide 24/7 plumbing service to serve your needs right away or they have answering machines to take any urgent call. If they’ve answering machine, you will have to wait till morning. Hence, you should decide, whether you will talk to the answer machine or the plumbers promising to provide emergency service. After all, when you’re actually looking for something important, your plumber in Huntington must understand your urgency.

  1. Does Plumber team understand the problem really?

Plumbing installation, Repairs & maintenances comes in several forms big to small; Even house to offices to industries have several types of problems. It is essentially mean that various problems do use various types of utilities and tools or even machineries. Hence you need to check if the Plumbing team understands your problem at first sight.

  1. Are Plumber team Local to you?

Ideally every one prefers a close look at the issue as it gives more comfort in a one-one discussion about the issue and resolution. Hence you need to understand if the Plumber is reaching your place to check the issue as soon as it is committed. 

Conclusion –

Allied/All City Inc the most experienced trusted plumbers for any kind of Residential, Commercial Plumbing Installations, Repairs.  Consider hiring plumbers in Huntington NY at Allied/All City Inc and let them handle your plumbing needs with extreme care and attention to every detail. For more information, please browse

Why Do You Hire Plumbers in New Hyde Park?


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Clogged drains, broken pipes and overflowing toilets are some of the major plumbing problems that confront us in our day-to-day life. During these circumstances, professional assistance can be better than a DIY job. Are you confused whether to fix the problem on your own or to hire a licensed plumber in New Hyde Park?

However, you might know how to troubleshoot small plumbing problems like a leaking faucet; but that small problem can turn into a major one quickly if it’s ignored.

Why Hire Professional Plumbers in New Hyde Park –

They are Experienced – Usually, licensed plumbing contractors have been exposed to several plumbing problems and can handle them carefully. This makes them capable of identifying any kind of plumbing issues before it becomes worse and understanding how to handle such problems.


They are Licensed, Insured and Bonded – Qualified plumbers in New Hyde Park have undergone extensive training on simple and basic repairs and have even passed difficult state of testing. As licensed plumbers, they are updated with the latest plumbing standards in accomplishing their tasks with quality and ease.

They Provide Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation and Plumbing Solutions – Qualified plumbers can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the main cause of the problem and are dedicated to offering the best possible solutions.

They have the Latest and Right Plumbing Tools- Certified plumbers in New Hyde Park use the most up-to-date and perfect tools in order to get the job done efficiently and excellently.


They Provide Instant Customer Support – Upon hiring them to handle your plumbing needs, you can easily reach them through their customer support window to get the things performed efficiently that lead to less amount of damage.

Final Thought –

Finding a plumber in New Hyde Park or around New York City area can be tough, but sooner or later you will need one. Even if you are the most capable do-it-yourself repairman, you’ll eventually encounter some kind of plumbing issues throughout the process which you can’t take care of on your own. This is where seeking out certified plumbers at Allied/All- City Inc comes into play. We have the licensed and reliable plumbers who can help you with everything from a minor clog or drain problem, necessary pipeline layout remodeling or renovations to specific tasks like fixing frozen pipes etc. across the New York area. However, it’s highly suggested that you shouldn’t take a chance with your health, your property or your life! So, for every kind of plumbing problem at home in New Hyde Park, get in touch with Allied/All- City Inc as soon as possible and obtain professional help from licensed plumbers you deserve!

Why Do You Install Grease Trap Separator in Commercial Kitchens?


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Commercial kitchens are required to have a grease trap separator to keep fat, oil and grease – collectively known by acronym, FOG out of the sewer system. In fact, coagulated grease is responsible for millions, thousands of sewer blockages around the world; which is quite expensive to clear and makes sewer systems more costly to operate.

If you own a restaurant business, you find your existing grease trap separator corroded or degraded so much that it no longer works. Or maybe you’ve installed new menu items or renovated the entire kitchen and need an additional grease trap in stay in compliance or maybe your kitchen staff has been claiming for something that’s quite easier to clean and maintain.

Grease Traps

Whatever the reason, you need to do a little research before buying another piece of equipment just like the one you’re replacing. Though grease traps have been in use for more than a few years, the technology has upgraded and there are huge availability of more alternatives on the market.

Why Do You Consider Installation of Grease Trap Separators –

  • The large scale commercial food operations have one of the most common byproducts, the liquid food waste. This waste materials include vegetable and animal fats, grease and oil. If it’s left untreated, these FOG drain into the sewer system, where they accumulate and cause massive sewer backups eventually.

  • The sewer backups can offer severe impact on public infrastructure; which can be a bit expensive and time consuming to repair. In fact, the untreated restaurant discharge, known as effluent can cause problems in municipal wastewater treatment facilities.

  • The Environmental Protection Agency mandates the pretreatment of liquid waste material before discharging into municipal sewer systems. The main aim is to remove FOG from the effluent to keep the sewer lines unimpeded and flowing freely. Hence, installation of grease removal systems like grease interceptors and grease trap separators should be considered for this purpose.

  • Usually grease trap interceptors are installed after the kitchen drains; but before the sewer lines. However, the contents of the drain are collected in the grease separator. As long as they are not blended, FOG don’t mix well with water. Being heavier than water, they can separate and float easily to the surface where they accumulate and are removed periodically by a skimmer. Then, the FOG-free wastewater will be discharged into the sewer system and the accumulated grease can be recycled for use as bio-diesel fuel.

Conclusion –

Grease interceptors can be chosen for installation in a variety of circumstance. Moreover, a higher water table may precipitate the requirement for outdoor installation. On the other hand, limited outdoor space can need the interceptor to be installed below the sewer system, with the addition of a pump system to pump out water to the sewer system.

Hence, it’s highly suggested to consider professional grease trap installation with Allied/ All-City Inc. and separate and congeal the grease from the wastewater successfully. No matter whether it’s a new installation or repair, Allied/All-City Inc. can help you out! For immediate availability, get in touch with us today and schedule your grease traps separator installation anytime!

Things to Know Before Opting for a Grease Trap Installation


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It is true that there is no way to stop all grease from going down a kitchen drain. In this case, installing grease traps are considered to be the most effective way out. Apart from being a part of home, the grease traps are used to be installed mainly at restaurants, institutional kitchens and hospitals.


If you are thinking to install grease trap for your kitchen, then check out the following to get a clear idea:

#1- The Facts about Grease Traps:

The grease trap is also known as grease interceptors that is attached to the plumbing under the kitchen sink. For any restaurant business, the grease trap plays an important role, as it ensures a top functioning plumbing section. A properly installed and maintained grease trap will make sure that all your cooking grease and food waste undergoes proper disposal without causing any blockage. Normally grease traps are used in kitchens to remove solid, fats, oil and grease (these are collectively known as FOGs) from the waste water before these are discharged into the municipal wastewater systems.

#2- How the Grease Traps Work?

The main work of grease trap is to reduce the amount of damage and clogging to your plumbing and septic tank. Normally it is believed that food preparation sinks, floor drains and commercial kitchen sinks that collect grease should have grease traps to collect the unwanted waste, solid particles and FOG and prevent an unwanted buildup in the municipal sewer line.

#3- What are the Common Grease Trap Problems?

You should be aware of some common grease trap problems that can impact its efficiency, such as:

  • Clog in Crossover: This situation occurs when FOGs or debris buildup in the crossover line between the two compartments of the plumbing section.

  • Clog in Incoming Line: The clog in the incoming line will affect the lowest plumbing fixture of the restaurant.

  • Clog in Outgoing Line: A clog in the outgoing line will result in an overflow from both compartments of the plumbing section.

To avoid these type of grease trap problems, you need to ensure proper maintenance and routine cleanup; this will also assure crucial in keeping the drains flowing smoothly and prevent costly backups. It is important to understand that the process of cleaning the grease trap depends on the frequency and quantity of the waste material that goes down the drain.

#4- The Necessity of Grease Trap:

For the municipal sewer, FOG (fat, oil and grease) is the big problem, which comes out from kitchens and can cause massive blockages that proves to be expensive and time consuming to fix. In this case installing a grease trap will offer you the best results by saving your time and money. Both home and commercial restaurants will get benefited by installing a grease trap.

Plumbing Repairs

You will get an opportunity to get a professional grease trap installation from Allied/All-City Inc for enjoying a top functioning plumbing system. We are one of the most reliable and experienced plumbing and environmental firm in New York that offer an exceptional service of installing and maintaining your grease trap by keeping in mind the laws and specific regulations (as per the specific area and building code) for executing the plumbing process.

To get more information about planning, estimates, installations and more, please contact us today at 5167852700. We are proud to extend our reliable service to New York’s different areas like Nassau, Suffolk and Long Island. For more details visit us at,,, and .

24 Hr Emergency Service of Plumbers in Jericho – The Best Service You can Always Have


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Be it is your residential home and commercial complex, Industrial unit, Institutional organization or municipal area in Jericho, Holbrook, Westbury or any other area in in Nassau and Suffolk counties, reliable plumbing service is required everywhere. Situations like flooded parking lot and basement, burst plumbing pipe and fire sprinkler pipe, damaged utilities underground, defect or collapsed water lines, storm drains and debris and more may appear anytime to cause discomfort in your residence, workplace or industry. In spite of them all, you can still feel relaxed by using 24 hour emergency service of plumbers in Jericho, Westbury, Plainview, Holbrook or any other surrounding place who is capable to fix all types of plumbing problems more effectively.

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24 Hr Emergency Plumbers in New Hyde Park for All Plumbing Repair and Replacement Needs

There are many trained and experienced plumbers in New Hyde Park to meet both your residential and commercial plumbing needs. With the latest technology and tools they can service, replace or repair any potential plumbing issue below under or above ground. Most of the local plumbers including plumbers in Plainview and plumbers in Holbrook can install and maintain water lines and sewer lines. They offer the innovative solutions to make plumbing replacement or repair fast and easy for you.

Emergency plumbing issues can be anything like

  • Sewer/Water Pipe bursting
  • Drain blocking
  • Trenchless pipe laying
  • Ruptured underground utility line
  • Storm damage
  • Tank and boring Testing
  • Concrete breaking, sawing & core drilling
  • Waterblasting & sandblasting
  • Septic Tanks Installation & maintenance
  • Industrial piping and heating
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems installation or service
  • Swimming pool building


Why Emergency Plumbers in Jericho are Chosen?

Emergency situations involving major plumbing issues in your Nassau or Suffolk home, industry or business can lead to lots of inconvenience and can even hamper your work schedule which requires a promptly responding plumbing solution to minimize your damage and help things become normal again. In order to quickly identify and resolve all emergency plumbing issues in Jericho, Westbury, Holbrook or Plainview you can hire an emergency plumber in Jericho or Holbrook, whose service will cover a large variety of emergency plumbing issues creating disaster like situation in your life.

What are the Typical Advantages of Using Jericho Plumber’s Emergency Service?

For addressing your emergency plumbing issues ranging from drains and sewers to main water lines, baseboard lines to fuel oil lines, plumbers in Jericho will have adequate skill, experience and expertise. They will get everything solved fast and effectively all across the allied city. No matter whether it is dawn, midnight or evening, you can expect the emergency plumbers in Jericho or Westbury to arrive with their tools and supplies to help you bail out of a disastrous situation like blocked sewer, leaking main pipeline, broken gas or oil line or any other similar issue. With their 24/7 emergency support, your plumbing needs won’t have to get delayed or postponed till the next day. Rather, they will bring the innovative solutions on an emergency basis to make you feel relaxed and relieved of the issue that may be causing you heavy loss.


To take care of your every emergency plumbing needs fast and effective, you can consider the emergency plumbers in Jericho of Allied/All-City who assure to respond to your needs within minimal time and with the greater experience and expertise. For more details visit us at,,, and .

Why Grease Trap Cleaning Should Be A Part Of Your Regular Kitchen Maintenance


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Every kitchen, whether it is commercial or residential – produces grease. From roasting burgers to cooking meats to frying vegetables in oil, every chef & kitchen staff has to maintain their grease trap on a regular basis. After months of scuffing, spraying and cleaning it may become easy to overlook just how essential this tedious job is to the achievement of your restaurant or kitchen. With that in mind, below are a few reminders regarding the significance of grease trap cleaning.


Drainage blocking:

As its main responsibility, the trap catches grease prior to it arrives at the typical drainage unit. Due to its consistency, the oils and fats don’t drain appropriately in a liquid drainage unit. Grease trap cleaning is necessary, because if the contents spill over, they’ll get into the typical drain. If this takes place, there’re a few problems that can happen.

To start with, the drain can block. If this takes place, it makes kitchen cleaning unfeasible until the drain is totally cleared. This not just slows down your business, but creates a very disagreeable working environment. Oils and fats are very tough to rinse out of a tube, and it’ll take a professional plumber a long time to resolve a major block.

The bigger issue is if the contents do able to get through the drain and get into the sewage unit. If this happens, the grease can block up public septic tanks as well as other waste discarding systems, causing serious issues for a large number of individuals.

Kitchen safety:

You possibly don’t know that grease trap cleaning is very important to avoiding the most hazardous sort of kitchen fires. The flame of a grease fire is exceedingly hot, and is extremely tough to snuff out. Spraying water on this sort of flame will do nothing but expand the fire further all through the kitchen, ultimately getting out of control. Avoiding these sorts of fire is easy when there’s only a small quantity of oil to handle. If one pan or pot catches fire, it’s easy to repress the flame. However, when oils and fats aren’t cleaned properly, they expand to areas you would not even imagine to check. All it requires is one stovetop burner left unattended, and unexpectedly the kitchen can turn out to be a raging firestorm.


Appropriate grease trap cleaning must be a regular segment of the maintenance of your restaurant or domestic kitchen. How frequently it should take place relies absolutely on the volume of cooking you do every day. The trap must be cleaned at least once every ninety days. Also, don’t forget to hire a reputed cleaner in your area to do this job.

For professional grease trap installation, please contact Allied/All-City Inc. For any query about our service, please contact us on 516-785-2700. Or else stay connected with us on our,,, and pages

How Do You Handle Plumbing Emergencies In Babylon?


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When something quite disastrous happens with your plumbing, it does not give a lot of time to think. Remember that, plumbing emergencies can happen even to the diligent homeowners. Hence, you shouldn’t let these emergencies take you by surprise. The perfect way to deal with these plumbing emergencies is to ready yourself with sufficient knowledge to act right away and deal with the situations calmly despite of its severity.

images (5)

Here are a few common plumbing emergencies, which you should handle calmly:

Broken or Leaking Pipe– When you find broken or leaking pipe in your plumbing system, your main water shutoff valve can become handy. Usually the main water shutoff valve is located next to your water meter or where the main water line enters your house and be sure to turn it off right away. After that, contact plumbers in Babylon for immediate assistance.

Toilet Overflow– This is the most common emergency that take every homeowner by surprise. Many people often get panicked, when the water continues to rise up and over the edge of the bowl after the flush. Now, in many cases, water will stop when it overflows and but in most rare cases it doesn’t stop. Hence, it’s essential that you should immediately turn off the water source using one of these two ways:

  • Reach the tank and raise up the fill valve float.
  • Use the shutoff value connected to the tank using a supply tube.

Once the water flow stops, you can able to use a plunger for unclogging the toilet.

images (9)

Blistering Hot Water– This type of emergencies can happen at horrible circumstances and is a clear sign that the hot water is being over-heated. If this happens with you, then be careful to avoid contact with this water at any cost.

To avoid this emergency, you can use following tips:

  • Just turn off the water heater from circuit box.
  • Turn on hot water faucets to lighten water heater.
  • Allow the hot water flow until it becomes cold.
  • Turn off all faucets and contact professional plumbers for your help.

Conclusion– After all, a plumbing system is one of the most important systems in your home as it brings clean water for consumption, washing dishes and clothes, taking showers and recycling waste materials. Therefore, keeping this system healthy is an essential aspect of your responsibility as a homeowner. And no doubt this task can be well-maintained by plumbers in Babylon. Though, a residential plumbing system can be a labyrinth of obstacles and puzzling components, you will be ended up with causing more problems in the process, if you don’t have any knowledge on plumbing repair and are trying to troubleshoot the problem on your own.


Hence, it’ll be best for you to contact reputable Babylon plumbers of Allied/All City for your plumbing help. No matter whether you need some more explanation or some professional assistance, we are available round the clock to make repairs and provide you the necessary guidance to avoid plumbing problems in the near future. Don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call today at 516-785-2700! . For more details visit us at,,, and .

Effective Grease Traps Installation For Successful Elimination Of FOG


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Well, the commercial and residential kitchens tend to use lots of FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) for cooking purposes. The main problem is that FOG are disposed by pouring down the drain. Although it may be liquid at the time of disposal, but consequently it will solidify when it tends to cool. As a result, it will stick to the pipe walls and can lead to clogs in the sewer. It’s quite inconvenient and expensive issue; that’s the main reason why many cities have mandated that the grease traps should be installed to keep away FOG from flowing into the sewer or septic system.
Grease traps installation
Grease Trap- An Excellent Solution To Prevent Clogging In Kitchens

A grease trap is a large, rectangular shaped box; which is installed between the sewer line and sewer main of a building. When the waste water will flow into the grease trap, the FOG particles will rise to the top whereas the solid waste particles will move to the bottom. Therefore, only the waste liquid will flow out of the grease trap. However, a grease trap needs to be cleaned on a monthly basis in order to avoid clogging, like a septic tank. With proper maintenance, a grease trap can prevent clogs in the sewer line.

Install Grease Traps and Protect Your Commercial and Residential Atmosphere

Usually, a grease trap intercepts as well as traps FOG entering the drainage system. After all, most wastewater in kitchen contains small amount of oils. However, the water used to wash dishes, pots and pans, especially in the commercial kitchens like restaurant must be filled with fats and grease. That’s the main reason why grease traps are commonly installed in the commercial premises.

As you know that grease and fats are in liquid form; when they are very hot; but they will congeal within the drainage system after getting cool. This can lead to severe plumbing damages. So it’s the task of the grease interceptors to ensure that the grease and fat won’t come into the sewer system.

Working Principles of Grease Traps

When greasy water will make its way into the grease trap, solid particles will sink to the bottom of the trap while FOG will rise at the top.The solid and grease particles will leave behind and other liquids will be passed easily through a grease trap.Clean grease traps thoroughly on a routine basis to avoid clogging Finding The Professional Plumbers in Nassau

Allied/All-City Inc. is a plumbing specialist serving wide varieties of plumbing needs throughout Nassau and Suffolk. We can install, repair and clean the grease traps so that you can utilize them in a better way. If you want to enable a healthy atmosphere in your residential and commercial property, then consider grease traps installation from Allied/All-City Inc. Feel free to contact us today to discuss about our available options!

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